4 Good questions to ask a Plumber

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Last updated Jan 24, 2018

Here are 4 Good Questions you should ask your local plumber

1) Ask the Plumber if they are licensed in your state?

Most States and some counties and cities require Plumbers to be licensed. Licensed Plumbers are required to adhere to State and local regulations. They must pass a licensing exam and any State / Local licensing requirement before obtaining a licensed. Licensed Plumbers would typically have an awareness of State and Local codes that need to be followed for a Plumbing work to meet State and Local Standards. Hiring an unlicensed Plumber can leave you venerable if something goes wrong with your job.

2) Ask the Plumber if they are insured, and what type of insurance they carry?

Plumbers should carry Liability and Workers compensation insurance. These insurance protects you in case of work related damages to your property and when a worker gets injured on your job.

3) Ask the Plumber if they charge hourly or a flat rate and if they offer free estimates?

Most Plumbers offer a free estimate to inspect your job in order to give you an accurate cost of your job. But some do charge for an estimate. The estimate should list out what the labor and material cost are, what work they intend to do, what is the total cost and how long the work will take.

4) Ask the Plumber if they provide written warranties or guarantees and how long does the warranty or guarantee is for

Ensure that you ask the Plumber the length of there warranty or guarantee and what it is that there warranty or guarantee covers.

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