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Hiring FAQs

Window Installer Hiring FAQs

How do i find a good window replacement contractor?

Asking family and friends if they know Window or Door Contractors near you, should be the first step in finding a good local Contractor, particularly if that family or friend had a Door or Window Service that was similar to your servcie need, and was satisfy by the work the Contractor performed. Using referrals from family and friends to find a good Contractor will also reduce the chances of been dissatify, with the work the Contractor performs. This would also reduce the the chances of hiring a shady plumber.

Search our Window and Door Contractor Directory

If your friends and family cannot recommend a reliable Door or Window Contractor, you can use online directories like perfecthomepros.com, yelp, yellow pages or other Contractor listing sites. Check a Contractor's reviews and ratings on these sites. Request a Service quote from a few Contractors to ensure you get the best val.ue. Perfecthomepros.com can help you generate a quote request and our system will send it to top Door or Window Companies in your area.

Get an estimate and ask how long it will take to complete the job. Each company will quote you slight different estimates. It is tempting to choose the least expensive contractor. However, keep in mind that more expensive contractors may use better materials or has a reputation for good work.Perfecthomepros.com can help you get a quote from 4 window Contractor's near you

Check a Contractor's Complaints

Once you identify a few local Contractors, check if they have any compliants from the Better Business Bureau in your local area. You can check a Plumber's BBB rating on perfecthomepros.com. Obviously, you should avoid Contractors with many BBB complaints. Request references from a Contractor. Ideally, references should be current and preferably include customers that had a similar service as your's completed in their home. Contact the references to see if they were satisfy with the work the Contractor performed.

How much does window replacement and installation cost?

The average window replacement cost ranges from $150 to $750 for just the window, plus an additional the $100 to $250 for labor,

For a new double-hung window, you should expect a labor cost of around $350 to install. It's worth noting however, that the actual window installation or replacement cost depends on several factors, including the the window type, window size and energy efficiency.

What question should i ask my nearby window company

Ask the window company if they are licensed

If your state requires window installation and replacement contractors be licensed, you should obtain and verify the contractor's licensed. The license will demonstrate that the contractor has met the requirements designated by your state for window contractors.

In addition, ask the contractor if they are insured. Although insurance is not always a requirement, you will be better protected from unexpected damages to your property caused by the contractor's negligence if they have insurance.

Obtain and verify references

Once you have checked the licenses, you should also ask for references from the window contractor.

The references should be previous customers that the contractor did some work for

Contact the references and get an opinion about their experience with the contractor

Check the contractor's years of experience

Although this should not be considered a deal breaker, a window contractor that has been in the industry for several years, would have come across a vast array of different window types and would have been confronted with a larger amount of issues that they would have learned to handle. Longevity comes in handy when unexpected issues happen during your window installation or replacement project.

Get multiple window replacement or installation quotes

Get multiple estimates and pay close attention to the differences in the estimates from the different contractors. The estimates should be specific to your project and it should be based on what you told your contractor about your project. It should typically include cost broken down into labor and material cost, the timeline for completing the project, warranty and any guarantees.

Who does the work?

Obviously, you must know who the person in-charge of your project is, especially if you are dealing with a window company that has many employees instead of an individual window contractor. This person that is working on your project must have the proper qualification.

Ask the window company about their Refund, Redo or Customer Satisfaction Policy

If something goes wrong on the comapny's end preventing your project from been completed, what is the company's resolution policy, or if you are not satisfy with the company's work, how do they handle customer dissatisfaction? Also, ask about who would be responsible for clean up both during and after the project completion.

Can i hire an unlicensed Window Contractor?

The answer is no. If your states require window installer to be licensed, you must ensure that you only hire a window contractor that is licensed. Hiring an unlicensed window contractor comes with a lot of disadvantages. To begin with, the unlicensed window contractor puts your property at a greater risk because without the licensed, there is no guarantee of the contractor's qualification. And if something goes wrong with your project due to the contractor's poor work, You might have a much lower chance of recovering your money for the damages caused. Sometimes you might only need to hire a Handyman who might not be licensed if your project is small enough. But larger and more complex projects such as new window installations that requires cutting through drywall or concrete to create an opening, needs a licensed contractor

Do i need a permit for my window installation or replacement project?

Any window replacement where there is an existing opening that is expanded or where the wall's structure is altered will require a building permit. Check with your state or city for permit requirements because the requirements differ from state to state

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