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Hiring FAQs

Near by Plumber Hiring FAQs

How can i find a good Plumber?

Seek help from Family and Friends

Asking family and friends if they know a licensed local Plumbers near you, should be the first step in finding a reputable Plumber, particularly if that family or friend had a Plumbing Service need that was similar to your's, and was satisfy by the work the Plumber Performed. Using referrals from family and friends to find a reliable Plumber near you, will reduce the chances of having issues with the Plumber's work

Search online Plumber Directories

If your friends and family cannot recommend a good local Plumber, you can use online directories like perfecthomepros.com, yelp, yellow pages or other Plumber listing sites. check a Plumber's reviews and ratings on these sites, and request plumbing quotes from a few Plumbers to ensure you get the best value. Perfecthomepros.com can help you generate a quote request and our system will send it to top Plumbers in your area.

Get an estimate and ask how long it will take to complete the job. Each company will quote you slight different estimates. It is tempting to choose the least expensive contractor. However, keep in mind that more expensive contractors may use better materials or has a reputation for good work.Perfecthomepros.com can help you get a quote from 4 Plumbers near you

Check a Plumber's Customer Complaint

Once you identify a few Plumbers, check if they have any compliants from the Better Business Bureau in your local area. Obviously, you should avoid Plumbers with many BBB complaints from past customers. Request references from a Plumber. Ideally, references should be current and preferably include customers that had a similar Plumbing Service completed in their homes. Contact previous customers to see if they were satisfy with the work performed.

How much does it cost to hire a licensed Plumber near me ?

The cost of hiring a typical plumber depends on a range of factors, including your location, the Plumber's experience, the kind of plumbing work to be performed, and what day of the week or time of the day you need the service. After hours and weekend plumbing services will generally cost more. However, the estimated price that a plumber tends to charge ranges from $80 to around $100 per hour along with a service call fee of about $70 - $100. Small jobs like repairing sinks, toilets, or bathtubs etc.. typically take an hr or less to complete whereas larger plumbing repairs or installations which take longer to complete can on average cost you around $500 - $1000. Look for nearby plumbers that give free estimates and have a free service call fee to get an idea of how much your larger plumbing work might cost. Ensure that the estimate is broken down into labor cost and material cost.

Can i hire an unlicensed Plumber?

Reason why you should not hire an unlicensed Plumber

While many people don't mind using the services of unlicensed local plumbers if the price is right, there are many concerns associated with hiring an unlicensed plumber as outlined below.

Home Safety

Safety is one of the main areas of concern that you need to pay attention to. It is very dangerous to seek the services of plumber who does not have the appropriate licensing, which typically means they don't have the formal training and examination required by your state. The plumber might be capable of doing your job, but understand that they might not be familiar with plumbing standards set by your state that every local plumber should follow and can cause more damage to your plumbing system.


An unlicensed plumber will not be insured, and if something dangerous goes wrong with their work you will be left with very little recourse and could be liable for any injuries, damages, and even death that resulted from the plumber's negligence and poor work.

In addition, If you have to file an insurance claim for your plumbing issue, the fact that you hired an unlicensed plumber can lead to a denial of your claim.

Poor Work Quality

Your possibility of getting poor plumbing services increases when you choose to hire an unlicensed plumber since there is no guarantee that the plumber's work will meet either your state and municipality standards or the plumbing industry's standards.

What is a C-42 and C-4 License?

For major plumbing projects in some states, the hired plumber will have to seek an exclusive license before the project can begin. the main plumbing projects that require an exclusive license include:

Sewer Line Repairs

Sewer cleaning does not require licensing beyond a regular plumber licensed, but when the sewer lines need replacement and repairs or new installations, a C-42 license is required. This license is also applicable for a storm drain installation.

Boiler Repair

For repairs and installations of power boilers, hot water heating systems and steam fitting, a C-4 License is required. This licensed is usually referred to as a hot water heating contractor license and is needed for larger commercial boilers, water heaters, and steam fitting. The complexities of these systems require specialized training and might not be suitable to be worked on by your nearby plumber.

What is a Plumber's job?

A plumber's job is more than just repairing toilets and installing new faucets, but also involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of different drain and piping systems located across commercial and residential properties, water treatment facilities, power plants, waste disposal facilities, and factories etc.

What Plumbing work can i DIY?

There are simple plumbing tasks that any homeowner can perform on his or her own without necessarily having search for the services of your nearest plumber. Examples of these task include:

Repairing a Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets are relatively easy to replace or repair depending on the faucet type, by reading the manual that the faucet came with and watching youtube videos. e.g A slow dripping faucet means the washer needs to be replaced, you just need to know the right washer size, and go out and purchase one.

Repairing a running toilet

Running toilets can be a result of a faulty stop valve, fill valve or floater switch. Issues related to these components can cause water to flow into your toilet when the tank is full. You can fix these by replacing the whole assembly or just the faulty part.

While it's easy to apply your DIY skills in repairing different plumbing problems, you must keep in mind that major plumbing works will require a professional's services. This includes faulty gas systems, boiling water, frozen pipes or burst pipes, and low water pressure related issues etc.

What Plumbing Work do i need a Permit for?

Most of the primary plumbing tasks can be handled without the need for a permit. However, different states and cities having different regulations, and it is essential to familiarize yourself with various plumbing work that requires a license plumber and a permit

Repiping projects entail replacing your entire piping system within your home and is generally performed by licensed plumbers and requires the right permit.

Drain line replacement: replacing drain lines is a significant plumbing task that will also require a permit.

Sewer replacement: any task involving sewer lines must be conducted after getting a permit due to the safety codes that have to be met.

Water heater: Replacing water heaters is another plumbing task that you will need a permit for,. again this is because there are safety regulations that have to be observed.

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