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Should i hire a moving company or do it myself?

Moving is one of those tasks that people often regret not leaving to the professionals. Unfortunately, by the time people realize how hard it is to move, they're knee deep in boxes and frustration. Professional moving companies have years of experience transporting goods from coast to coast, and they can do all of the heavy lifting while you relax. Below are some of the reason you should get a moving company to do the packing and moving for you:


One of the main reasons that people choose to handle their own moves with a truck and some friends is to save on costs. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that doing it alone can cost you more than hiring a professional. There is more to moving costs than the truck and some boxes. In order to pack your goods properly and prevent damage, you will need packing supplies like blankets, bubble wrap and speciality dish boxes. You will also need a way to carry your goods, so you may need to rent a dolly or hand truck. If you're transporting goods in your car as well as on the truck, you have to factor in the cost of gas for both your car and your rental truck. Truck rental companies often charge by the mile and these miles can add up quickly.


Depending on friends to help you move may seem like a good idea, but moving is a labor intensive job that few people are trained to complete properly. Friends may accidentally damage your goods, which can create an avalanche of problems. In addition, it can be hard to find friends who are available when you need to move. Moving your own belongings can be time consuming. You may have to take off days at work to complete your packing and spend an entire weekend on the task. If you hire a professional mover, they will come to your home, pack your belongings and load up the truck. In some cases, you can even arrange for them to pack up your home while you're at work.

What are the different types of moving estimates?

New installation service costs range between $3 and $25 per square foot, depending on the materials used. The materials also differ in prices, with the lowest price being $3 and the highest being $20 per square foot. Vinyl, porcelain tile, concrete and ceramic tiles are some of the cheapest materials while laminate, hardwood, and engineered wood all cost more, between $6 and $20 per sq. Ft.

Binding Estimates

In a binding estimate, the moving company estimates the approximate weight of your household goods and provides a flat rate from that calculation. When you agree to this price, this is the exact price that you will pay. The mover can never charge you more than this amount. Many consumers like binding estimates because they have a clear picture of exactly what their move will cost. There are no surprises and the costs will never exceed that amount. There is, however, one major drawback of a binding estimate. If your goods weigh less than your movers originally estimated, you will not pay less than the agreed flat rate. You'll be required to stick to your original agreement.

Non-binding Estimates

In a non-binding estimate, the company estimates the weight of your load and provides you with a quote, but the final price is based on the actual weight of your goods. This means that your pricing can rise if your household goods weigh more than expected. Your quote is not set in stone, and you may end up having to come up with additional funds to cover the cost of your move before your goods are delivered. The mover has up to 30 days to charge you the additional amount, so you may receive a bill after you have already settled in to your new home.

Binding Not-to-Exceed Estimate

The binding not-to-exceed estimate is popular with consumers because it provides a middle ground between the binding and non-binding estimate. In a binding not-to-exceed estimate, the moving company offers a quote based on the estimated weight of your shipment, but the customer will never pay more than the original quote. If the shipment weighs less than the estimate, the consumer will pay the cost of the actual weight of the load. If you agree to this type of estimate, you could potentially end up paying far less than what you expected.

The Terms of the Estimate

Understanding the estimate is important when planning your move. A typical estimate will include your Bill of Lading, the contact information for your mover, any fees, tolls or tariffs, the number of miles traveled, estimated weight of your goods, the minimum allowable weight and any agreed upon discounts. Your estimate will also include prices for packing, storage and unpacking fees. The estimate may also spell out insurance costs, fuel costs and accessory costs.

How do i keep moving cost down?

If you are concerned about moving as economically as possible, there are factors to consider that will help you keep the costs low. First, avoid moving during the high season if at all possible. The months of May to September are when most people move, as they are trying to move while kids are out of school for the summer. They may want them settled in before the next school year starts, so there is often a rush of moving during July and August.

Weekends, holidays and the first and last days of the month are also prime time for moving. People typically move into new apartments on the first of the month, so you will often see moving trucks chugging around town, packed with people's belongings. This is when prices will be higher than usual, so avoid the first and last weeks of the month if you can. Because a lot of people move on weekends, it may be a challenge to find a low price during that time. Try moving in the winter, on a weekday in the middle of the month, when your local movers have open availability, for the lowest possible pricing.

Another way to save on the costs of your move is to do a complete purge of your home before you start packing. This means getting rid of old belongings that you no longer want instead of packing them up and moving them to your new home. Host a garage sale and sell off old bikes, clothes, toys and appliances. Keep in mind that your moving costs will likely depend heavily on the weight of your household goods. It pays to be strategic in your packing.

You can also save on the cost of your move by completing some of the labor yourself. After you have packed your boxes, stage them in strategic areas of your home to make it easier for the movers to grab a box and go with it. Wrap all of your breakable furniture like mirrors and glass chests in blankets.

The cost of packing supplies can add up, but there are ways that you can save. Ask your mover if packing supplies like boxes, blankets and dollies are included in the cost of the move. Figure out how many boxes you actually need. Most people buy more than they need and end up stuck with the unused supplies. Instead of cardboard boxes, consider using plastic storage containers which you can reuse when you get to your new home. In some areas, storage facilities sell boxes and will let you return any that you don't use.

Use alternatives to purchased boxes like garbage bags, pillow cases and dresser drawers. Leave your clothes in the drawers and simply tape them shut. Use pillow cases to wrap your photos and glassware. Use sheets to wrap vases and other breakables. Suitcases and duffel bags are also excellent to use in your packing.

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