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Lawn Care and Landscaping FAQs

How can i find a good landscaping company ?

Let us list certain important factors to consider when choosing a good landscaper or lawn care service provider

1)Check the landscaping or lawn care company's reputation

You must do some research of different companies especially if your project is large. Look for testimonials and reviews from a company's real customers to get an idea of their quality of the service. Doing some research and looking for reviews good and bad will place you in a better position to make the right decision on hiring the best company.

2) Check if the landscaper is licensed and insured

This is another important aspect to look at. You must ensure that the landscaping service provider has the appropriate license to operate in your area. You might get services from unlicensed providers at cheaper rates but having a licensed lawn care service means that the company has met certain required standards.

3)Ensure the proper equipment is used

You need to ensure that the company that you choose maintains their equipment properly and as per the required standards. Even if you have a competent landscaper, not using the proper landscaping tools and equipments would provide a bad work result. Eg, lawn mowers should have their blades changed every 10 hours of mowing. Do not be afraid to ask pertinent questions to the lawn care company on how frequently they maintain their equipment and blades.

4)Understand the company's pricing and any contract they want you to enter into

This is one of the most important things to check. What kind of contracts does the company require you to enter into? Is the contract yearly? Is there any mandatory or minimum term? What are the prices? Is there a payment plan available? Or do you need the full payment upfront? Make sure you get answers to all such questions before you enter into an agreement or a contract with the landscaper or lawn care company.

5)Service Quality and Reliability

Before you set out to select a landscaping company, you must know what you are looking for. Different landscaping companies provide different services and might offer you a package deal that contain services that you might not need. for example, if you only need lawn mowing or lawn edging, or just to kill lawn weeds, you might not necessary need a package that offers you additional lawn care services. Make sure you know exactly what you want. Also, ensure that the service provider you opt for is reliable in terms of the services they provide which obviously depends on their track record and experience in the field.

6)Good Customer Services

Make sure you choose a lawn care or landscaping company that has a good customer service team. Many times it gets difficult to get in touch with real people to discuss issues if any and that may be really frustrating. Make sure you hire a company that is easy to contact and speak to if needed.

How much does Landscaping Cost?

Below are some of the Different types of lawn care and Landscaping Services and their cost:

Lawn Mowing Services

This is the most common type of lawn care task that is carried out. Home owners in some cases opt to mow their own lawns but most seek the help of professional lawn care service providers, especially if the lawn is too large. In such cases hiring a professional lawn mower becomes necessary.

Typically a professional will charge somewhere between $40 and $50 to mow your lawn but that is again dependent on the size of your lawn and the time that it would take to mow the entire lawn. Ask the lawn care professional about their rate and whether they charge by the hr or by the size of the lawn.


This is one of the most crucial types of work that you need to carry out on your lawn. This is done to ensure the soil in your lawn is rich with all the essential nutrients required by your plants to have a healthy growth. This work involves sprinkling or mixing of organic or inorganic fertilizers to the soil so that the plants.

This work is based on certain things like the quality of soil in your area and the type and the quality of fertilizer that is being used. The cost will be between $50 to $100 for every 1000 sq foot of lawn being fertilized. The costs will vary based on other factors such as the fertilizer concentration and quality.

Aerating the Lawn

Aeration is the process in landscaping in which the professionals take steps to ensure that the soil is able to breathe. If there is a thick layer of thatch or compact soil in your lawn, then the soil loses its breathability. The soil under such circumstances can lose all the nourishment and can be detrimental to plant growth.

You can get rid of this problem by aerating the lawn. Aeration would cost around $22 for every 1000 square feet of lawn area. Usually, the entire lawn costs somewhere between $100 to $200.


You will need to determine the cost of the grass seed to get the cost of seeding the entire lawn area. Specify the requirements to your lawn care company on whether it is a new lawn that would need full seeding or an old lawn. Based on that the service provider will calculate and quote the cost of seeding the entire lawn area.

Lawn Edging

Lawn edging is extremely essential in terms of giving your lawn a beautiful look and finish. This involves all the work that is done to create lines between the grass patterns. This service will depend on the type of materials that are being used for edging such as bricks, concrete, stones, wood, etc along with the labor costs.

As such, the cost of the services will largely depend on the type of service being provided. When you enter into a yearly contract with a lawn care company, they provide you with all the required services throughout the year and hence it is important to have an itemization of of all services provided to have a good idea of the current and the future costs.

What type of work do landscapers do?

Typical task under a landscaper job description involves

Lawn Mowing and pruning trees and shrubs

Planting flowers, grass

Applying Pesticide to get rid of pest like wasp, ticks, mosquitos etc

Fertilizing and watering a lawn

pulling weeds, trimming scrubs and raking to get rid of debris on a lawn

Snow Removal

Sprinkler maintenance

Should i DIY my landscaping or hire a local landscaper?

For smaller lawn care task, it might not be necessary to hire a lawn care company. If you however need complete landscaping services it is advisable to hire a local landscaper. Even if you are going to hire an expert landscaper, Here are a few maintenance task you can perform to save on your landscaping cost

A)Make sure you remove only 1/3rd of the grass at one time or else they will look stressed and burnt out

B)Make sure your lawn mower blades are always sharp or else the bluntly cut grass won't recover easily.

C)Ensure that you apply fertilizers to your lawn on a regular basis.

D)Make sure that the lawn is free from pests and insects and make use of appropriate pesticides and insecticides inorder not to damage your lawn.

E)Make sure you water your lawn regularly, allow at least one inch of standing water in the lawn.

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