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House Painting Services FAQs

How can i find a Good House Painter near me?

Check the reputation of a local Painting Company through online review sites and the Better Business Bureau before you hire them for any House Painting Services. If you are able to, you should ask for, and contact a few references of the painting company to find out what their experience with the company was. By doing this, you will get a rough idea of what to expect from the painting company.

Materials used

The next factor to consider before choosing a House Painter is the quality of paint they use. The quality of the paint will have an effect on it's durability, and If the paint is a bad quality paint, it's likely to start fading away sooner. Since Painting a home involves a lot of cost and time, it's better to take precaution and choose a Painting Contractor that uses a good quality paint or that would allow you to choose your own paint.


You should get estimates from multiple painting companies to get an idea of which company offers the best value for your house painting service need.

Terms of the contract

Most major exterior or interior house painting services require you to sign a contract with the Painting Contractor before work commences. Make sure you understand what's spelled out in the contract. Pay attention to when and how they want payments made, what are the upfront charges, do you pay in full before work starts or would you be making installment payments based on the stages of the work. Also understand how long it takes the company to complete a painting job based on you specific requirements. Ask about their warranties and ask to see proof of insurance and licensed information. All these questions will help you avoid confusion or hidden facts that could be revealed later on while the work is in progress.

Customer Service

Check the customer support or the customer service offered by the company so that you know whom to ask for help if you face any problems. Try to avoid painting companies with a bad reputation for their customer service.


For interior painting, ask the Painting Contractor how they would protect your furnitures and other items such as carpets etc.. inside your home and what items you are responsible for removing prior to their arrival.

How much does home painting services cost?

before entering into a contract with any Painting Contractor, you should ask them to provide you with the actual breakdown of their cost .

Generally, the cost of painting your house can be broken down into two parts. The first part is the cost of painting the interior of your home, and the second is the cost related to painting the exterior of your home which is less common than interior painting. A typical home in the US is approximately 2,300 square feet and the cost of painting the entire interior of such home is approximately $2-$8 per square foot, or approximately $5000 to $15000. The cost of painting the exteriors of your home is approximately 25% more than the cost of interior painting. There are however several other factors that can increase or decrease your house painting cost such as material cost etc.., and different companies have different ways of calculating painting cost, so always request an estimate. For the most part however, the cost would be based on the size of the area that needs painting or in some cases, the cost can be based on the time it takes to complete the painting job which has an hourly rate attached to it. It's also true that in some cases, up to 25% of the cost is tied into material cost and the rest of the 75% is related to labour cost. Again always get a written estimate from your local interior and exterior house painter.

What factors can affect my interior house painting cost?
Here are some factors that can affect your interior house painting cost:

The size of your home and whether you want to paint the exterior in addition to the interior are obviously major factors that determine the house painting cost. Apart from these, there are several other factors which impact the cost of painting a house. These are:

1)Type of Paint Used

One factor that affects the cost of painting a house is the type of paint used for painting. There are various types of paints available in the market and some have a sheen which is the quantity of light that is reflected from the paint surface, and others don't. Below is a list of the types of house paints.

Matte paintThis paint provides a matte finish with no sheen and provide a smooth finish. they are good for less traffic areas like bedrooms within the home becuase they do at times become difficult to clean.

EggshellThis type of paints have a low sheen and are less resistant to cleaning, they are therefore well suited for areas such as hallways etc.. than Matte paints, they also do help in hiding irregularities on walls.

Satin This type of paint is the most commonly used paint. They are easy to clean, resistant to moisture and are great for rooms and areas within the home with a higher traffic

Semi-glossThis type of paint is a little glossy and are popularly used in kitchens. This is because they are easy to clean and are highly resistant to moisture.The downside of this paint type is that they require multiple coats when applied to walls

High-gloss This type of paint gives a glossier effect than semi-gloss paints and is highly reflective. Similar to semi-gloss paint, they do require multiple coats.

2)Labour cost

The next factor that increases the cost of painting a house, is the labour cost, which sometimes varies by your location within the USA and the company that you hire. Larger painting companies would, typically have a higher cost than small companies or handyman painters.

3)The number of coats

The number of additional coats you want the painting contractor to apply beyond the typical normal coats of one or two, will affect the painting cost as the more coats that are applied, the higher the cost would be.


If you want to put textures on top of the normal paint, then you should expect to pay more. Texturing a wall may require some other types of equipments which could further increase your home painting cost.

5)Pre-painting work

The conditions of the wall that needs to be painted sometimes gets so bad that a lot of prep work is needed. The wall might have issues such as holes needing to be filled or wallpapers that need to be removed etc.. before the painting job can be started. These tasks will impact the overall interior or exterior painting cost.

How can i save money on Painting my Home?

Here are a few ways you could save on your exterior or home interior painting cost.

Hire an affordable Painting Contractor

One of the ways to save on your house painting cost is to hire an affordable painting company or a handyman house painter who can offer a good painting service at a lower cost. Handyman painters do tend to be cheaper but might not offer warranties that you might get from a painting company.

Using lesser quality paint:

The next area you can cut down your house painting expenses is the type of paint you use. You might not need an extremely high quality paint when a good quality would be just fine. On the other, lower quality paints might be less durable. Some paint brands do tend to cost more that others, so make sure you discuss with the Painting Contractor what brand of paint they plan to use and whether there is a cheaper alternative.

Applying less number of coats

One other way to reduce your cost is to limit the number of coats to one or two only. Adding extra coats will lead to an increase in the cost

Don't paint the whole house

You might not necessarily need to paint your whole house and can get an estimate for painting the whole house and another estimate for room painting cost, to get an idea of what it would cost to paint individual rooms compared to painting your whole house. one disadvantage of this is that there will be a mismatch of newer and older paint within your home.

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