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House Cleaning Services FAQs

How can i find a Professional House Cleaner near me?

Asking family and friends if they know House Cleaning Services near you, should be the first step in finding a good house cleaner, particularly if that family or friend have a housekeeper that they use frequently, and and are satisfy with the work the housekeeper performs. Using referrals from Family and Friends will also reduce the chances of having issues with their work.

Check online Cleaning directories

If your friends and family cannot recommend a reliable independent house cleaner or house cleaning company, you can use online directories like Perfecthomepros.com, yelp, yellow pages,care.com or other home cleaners listing sites. Check the house cleaner reviews and rating on these sites and request a service quote from a few cleaners to ensure you get the best value. Perfecthomepros.com can help you generate a quote request and our system will send it to top cleaning companies in your area.

Get an estimate and ask how long it will take to complete the job. Each company will quote you slightly different estimates. It is tempting to choose the least expensive estimate. However, keep in mind that more expensive cleaners may use better materials or have a better reputation for their quality work.

How much does home cleaning services Cost?

So, how much does a house cleaning service cost - the answer depends on factors such as the size of the house, the type of service provider, the type of service, frequency, labor costs among other things. The average cost is however somewhere between $160 to $250 for a one time cleaning.

Below are the factors that can impact the cost of cleaning services?

1)Type of Cleaner that you hire

The charge will vary based on the type of house cleaner you hire. The different types of house cleaners are generally Individual Housekeepers, small maid services business with few employees, or large cleaning service company with many offices and employees.

Hiring an individual house cleaner has it's advantages and disadvantages. They can perform all the standard cleaning services such as dusting, moping, vacuuming, wiping, cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and living areas etc. Hiring an individual cleaner is going to cost less than hiring a professional cleaning company. However, an individual house cleaner may not be insured and you might be stuck with any damages done while they are cleaning your home. Moreover, if you have additional cleaning needs beyond the standard cleaning, you may have to hire someone else for that specific service.

Small maid services business on the other hand will typically be insured and bonded and will offer a bigger range of services that an individual may not offer and therefore their prices will be on the higher side as well.

large cleaning companies have the widest range of services that they can offer a home owner and similar to the small company, they are insured and bonded and that their employees are provided with the proper training. they also would typically provide guarantees for their work. Due to their size and range of services, they might be subjected to additional laws that they need to be compliant with. These larger cleaning companies in most cases cost more to hire.

2)Size of House

This is, one of the determinant of the cost of the cleaning service. So, when you are making inquiries and asking for quotes ensure that you give them the exact number of rooms - bedrooms, bathrooms, etc in your home so that they can provide you with the best estimate. Knowing the exact square footage of your house helps, as most cleaning cost is determined on the basis of the size of the area that needs cleaning or the amount of time spend cleaning.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $15 to $25 per 100 square feet for cleaning. If you have a 1000 sq foot area that needs to be cleaned, your payment will range from $150 to $200.

3)Frenquency of Service

It's no secret that package deals are always going to cost you less than a one time deal. With one-time cleaning services, you will be charged upfront for the cost to clean and are likely to pay more. Recurring cleaning services would cost you less but might not be needed if you do your own cleaning and only need help once due to moving out of some occasion.

As already mentioned, one time cleaning might cost you between $200 to $300 based on the size of the house and the place and area you reside in, but if you opt for recurring cleaning, for every visit, you can save up to $10. So, it is always better to opt for on-going cleaning services than a one-time cleaning if you regularly need your home cleaned.

4)Cost of Cleaning Equipments and Supplies

Are you providing your house cleaners with the cleaning supplies? because that may save you on some of the cost. but If you are not which is in most cases, the cost of the cleaning could be impacted. Ensure that you ask the cleaning company before you hire them if they will provide the supplies and equipment needed for cleaning, and how much those that add to the cost. You can then decide if it makes sense to buy your own supplies and equipments

5)Labor Cost

Larger and more reputable companies tend to pay their works more in order to attract better talent, and due to the fact that they make more money that that smaller companies. This labor cost is also accounted for in the cost they charge to their customers

6)Type of house cleaning you need

Based on the type of cleaning that you need the cost of your cleaning service would vary. Here is a list of typical residential and commercial cleaning services:

A)Carpet Cleaning - Carpet cleaning generally cost more that standard house cleaning and is different from just vacuuming that's included in a standard cleaning services. It's requires the use of specialized equipments and chemicals and are performed by a carpet cleaner.

B)Windows Cleaning - The window panes from the inside is typically part of the standard cleaning, you will need a window cleaning service however, to clean the exterior of your windows and and would have to pay for that separate from the house cleaning .

C)Kitchen Cleaning - This comes under the standard house cleaning and is based on the hourly charges of the house cleaner unless you have some additional kitchen cleaning needs.

D)Bathroom Cleaning - Bathrooms cleaning are part of the standard cleaning cost but can impact the cleaning cost because they tend to get dirty more often and as such, might take longer to clean

E)Floor Mopping & Cleaning - They are also part of the standard cleaning and their impact to the cost depends on the square footage of the floor that needs to be mopped.

F)Overall Dusting - Dusting off the house is also part of the standard cleaning service and should be charged in the hourly charges of the house keeper

G)Wiping and Tidying Electronic Gadgets - This impact to the cost of the cleaning depends on the amount of work and the time taken to clean and organize electronic gadgets.

What is included in a typical House Cleaning Service?
Standard house cleaning services generally include

1) Vacuum and Mop Floors and Stairs

2) Dusting Funitures

3) Cleaning Kitchen (Sinks, Countertops, Stoves, Appliances(Usually Exterior of appliances), Microwave, Refrigerator, Empty trash, Dishwasher, Back splash)

4) Cleaning Bathroom(toilet, bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, vanity, mirrors,faucets)

5) Wipe table and chairs

Deep house cleaning services generally include:

1) Vacuum and Mop Floors and Stairs

2) Dusting Funitures

3) Cleaning Kitchen (Sinks, Countertops, Stoves, Appliances(Usually Exterior of appliances), Microwave, Refrigerator, Empty trash, Dishwasher, Back splash)

4) Cleaning Bathroom(toilet, bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, vanity, mirrors,faucets)

5) Wipe table and chairs

How can i save on housekeeping cost?

Some of the ways to save money on housekeeping cost include doing some of the cleaning yourself and let the house cleaner only handle areas that you cannot clean yourself. this will lessen the time the housekeeper spends cleaning your home

If the house cleaner you wish to hire is an independent house cleaner and not a cleaning company, you can save by providing your own cleaning supplies

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