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Hiring FAQs

Nearby Flooring Contractors Hiring FAQs

How can i find a good flooring-contractors near me?

Seek help from Family and Friends

Asking family and friends if they know Flooring Contractors near you, should be the first step in finding a good local Flooring Contractor, particularly if that family or friend had a Flooring repair or Installation Service that was similar to your servcie need, and was satisfied by the work the Contractor performed. Using referrals from Family and Friends to find a good Contractor will also reduce the chances of having issues with the Contractor's work.

Search Flooring Company Directories

If your friends and family cannot recommend a reliable Flooring Company, you can use online directories like Perfecthomepros.com, yelp, yellow pages or other Flooring Company listing sites. Check a Company's reviews and rating on these sites and request a Flooring Service quote from a few Companies to ensure you get the best value. Perfecthomepros.com can help you generate a quote request and our system will send it to top Flooring Companies in your area.

Check a Flooring Contractor's Complaints

Once you identify a few Flooring Contractors in your area, check if they have any compliants from the Better Business Bureau in your local area. Obviously, you should avoid Contractors with many BBB complaints. Request references from a contractor. Ideally, references should be current and preferably include customers that had similar Services completed in their homes. Contact the references to see if they were satisfy with the work performed.

How much does floor installation or replacement cost?

New installation service costs range between $3 and $25 per square foot, depending on the materials used. The materials also differ in prices, with the lowest price being $3 and the highest being $20 per square foot. Vinyl, porcelain tile, concrete and ceramic tiles are some of the cheapest materials while laminate, hardwood, and engineered wood all cost more, between $6 and $20 per sq. Ft.

Replacing a floor usually costs more than installing a new one because the cost of disposing of the old flooring materials is included. Therefore, you can expect to pay between $7 and $30 per square foot for a replacement. Repairs may be cheaper, costing between $5 and $10 per sq. Ft. High-quality flooring materials usually cost more, which adds to the overall price but are more durable. Your nearby flooring contractor can help you find a material that suits your price range.

How do i verify a Floor Installer's License?

A license is an important factor in determining whether a contractor understand you state laws or not and is a mandatory requirement in most states for flooring companies. You should, therefore, expect your closeby flooring company to have one. For most people, the problem is how to separate the real licenses from the fake ones, The process is simple and straight forward. Since the licenses are issued by the state, you can go to your state's license board's official website and verify the license number's validity. First, check if the contractor is listed as a contractor, then proceed to check the license. Most sites like the California State License Board, have a section for "check a license" that all users can use.

What questions should i ask my local flooring company?

Asking a flooring contractor the right questions before you hire them for work at your home will help ensure that you end up with a competent contractor Some of the questions to ask include:

Do you have a license and insurance?

Before a contractor is given a state license, they are required to prove their qualifications to your state. A contractor without a license is, therefore, most probably not qualify. On the other hand, insurance can come in handy in multiple ways since, like most construction related work, flooring installation and replacement jobs can be unpredictable. A contractor's Insurance can cover injuries that happen on the job as well as any damages done to your floor.

How long have you been in the flooring business?

This question will help you determine the level of experience the contractor has, the amount of Experience will help in figuring out how expose the contractor is to different flooring types and installation requirements. Even if the flooring company is new, the owner or owners should have been employed and worked in the flooring industry for sometime.

Can you provide some of your references?

This question will help you figure out what reputation your nearby flooring contractor has. Get at least three references and check online reviews to find out the kind of experience the contractor's previous clients had with the contractor.

What is the approximate duration of the job, and what is the payment schedule?

The floor's size and flooring material will determine how long the job takes, but you should know beforehand an estimated completion timeline. Knowing the schedule will also help you get your finances in order.

Do you offer a warranty?

Local flooring contractors offer different warranties, with some giving one year and others up to 5 years. Find out what your contractor's warranty is.

How will you handle clean-up?

Make sure the contractor cleans up the place after they are done. But this question needs to be addressed upfront to set the correct expectation

Who does the work?

Obviously, you must know the person in-charge of your project. The right qualifications, punctuality and experience are some factors you expect the individual the flooring company is sending to work on your project. This enquirer is necessary if it's a company that has many employees. Get proper information on that person and clarify your doubts.

What warranties are included?

Printed copies of various kinds of warranties for labour and materials etc must be given to you. These things apart, you should also get warranties for the material directly from the manufacturer

What has to be done if I am dissatisfied?

Although experienced contractors give you the best quality, we can't predict the future. So, take a step back and ask them what their resolution policy is if they don't deliver the desired service.

What type of work does a Floor Installer does?

1)Being a flooring contractor involves the replacement and installation of different flooring and carpet types, including vinyl, laminate, wood, tile, linoleum etc..

The process involves preparation work like at times adding underlay in case of carpet installation or other materials prior to putting the flooring material.

Common tools used include nails, saws, drills, hammer, prybar etc and masonry tools for ceramic tiles. Floor installation generally also involves a lot of cutting and measuring to help get the materials around corners and along walls, so precision is an important skill for a flooring contractor to have.

Should i hire an unlicensed Floor Installer?

Typically, a small carpet or floor repair work can be handled by an unlicensed handyman, but jobs on a larger scale such as new floor or carpet installation do need a licensed contractor and if the floor work involves alteration to the structure of your home, a permit might also be needed.

What should i not mention to a Flooring Contractor?

1)Never tell your contractor your exact budget. Let them give you a quote for your project. Make sure you get multiple quotes from different contractors to compare prices, especially the cost of materials.

Although you might need to make a partial payment before your project starts, don't pay the whole project amount upfront.

2)Never tell a contractor to take as much time as they need on a job. They should be able to complete the job within the timeline you agreed on in your contract. Problems and unforseen issues do occur in jobs that you might have to accommodate, but giving a contractor the impression that you are in no rush only make them prioritize other projects ahead of your project

3)Never mention to the contractor that they are the only contractor you are considering. Let them know that they are not the only contractors you are considering.

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