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How can i find a good Electrician near me?

Seek help from Family and Friends

Asking family and friends if they know licensed Electrical Contractors near you, should be the first step in finding a reputable local Electrical Contractor, particularly if that family or friend had a Electrical Service that was similar to your service need, and was satisfy by the work the Electrical Contractor performed. Using referrals from Family and friends to find a good Electrical Contractor will also reduce the chances of having issues with the Contractor's work.

Search online Electrical Contractor Directories

If your friends and family cannot recommend a reliable Electrician, you can use online directories like perfecthomepros.com, yelp, yellow pages or other electrician listing sites. Check an Electrician's reviews and rating on these sites, and request an Electrical Service quote from a few Electricians to ensure you get the best value. Perfecthomepros.com can help you generate a quote request and our system will send it to top Electricians in your area.

Get an estimate and ask how long it will take to complete the job. Each company will quote you slight different estimates. It is tempting to choose the least expensive contractor. However, keep in mind that more expensive contractors may use better materials or has a reputation for good work.Perfecthomepros.com can help you get a quote from 4 closeby electricians

Check an Electrical Contractor's Complaints

Once you identify a few Electricians in your area, check if they have any compliants from the Better Business Bureau in your local area.

Obviously, you should avoid Electricians with many BBB complaints. Request references from an Electrician. Ideally, references should be current and preferably include customers that had similar Electrical Service completed in their homes. Contact previous customers to see if they were satisfy with the work performed.

Do you have to hire a licensed electrician?

If you need electrical work performed at your house or business beyond just minor electrical installations, a licensed electrician is a must. Here are a few reasons why most electrical work beyond changing a light bulb and minor electrical installations require a licensed Electrician.

1) Beyond the fact that electrician licensing in the United States is a requirement for almost all states, a licensed electrician would have taken a state exam and proven that they meet all the needed qualifications and are prepared, and have proven that they can safely perform electrical repairs and installations.

2)Most people that hire an unlicensed Electrician do it to save on cost, but this will be at the expense of safety and a high amount of risk.

3)A licensed will give you some confidence that the electrician working at your house or business understands how to complete the job according to local building codes. If local building codes are not honored, you are putting yourself in danger.

4)Fourthly, Electricity is volatile, and a spark could start a fire, short out your whole house, or destroy wiring throughout the building. At the same time, you could be cited for code violations when a city inspector stops by, and could pay a steep fine for the violation if not corrected.

5)Also, licensed Electricians, have a bigger insentive to abide by all local building codes, becuase they would not want to put their licensed in jeopardy.

6)Additionally, you can generally contact a licensed Electrican with a well formed business, if something goes wrong with the work they performed, and they would usually come back to correct the problem because they want to maintain their customer relationship. The risk of getting ignored by an unlicensed Electrican is much higher if you notice a problem with the work they did.

What Questions should i ask an Electrician?

1) Ask the Electrician if they are licensed in your state and if required in your county and city

Hiring an unlicensed Electrician can leave you vulnerable if something goes wrong. Most States and some counties and cities required Electricians to be licensed. Verify the Electrician is licensed and ask what type of licensure. Typical licensure are Master Electrician and Journeyman Electrician. The type of licensed determine what service can be offered by the Electrician. Master Electricians offer a broader range of Electrical Services. Ask if they will be able to show you a copy of the license. Make sure you verify the Electrician's license by checking your State's licensing department, using either the Electrician's license number or company name.

2) Ask the Electrician if they will be working on your job themselves and if not is the individual(s) that would be working on the job also licensed and what type of license does the individual(s) have?

It is important that any Electrician working on your job is properly licensed

3)Ask the Electrician if they provide written warranties and how long the warranty is for?

It is important that the warranty is provided in writing and not verbally and it details out what the warranty covers, and what the duration of the warranty is.

4) If my work requires a permit, ask who will obtain the permit?

A permit ensures that the work that is done meets your city's building code requirements. A city inspector will come and inspect the work to ensure that it is up to code. Electricians will generally obtain the permit if your work requires a permit. Note that there are other potential consequences (safety, home value etc..) if you allow an Electrician to perform your job without a permit, if the job requires a permit.

5)Ask the Electrician if they are insured, and what type of insurance they carry?

Electricians typically carry Liability and Workers compensation insurance. These insurance protects you in Case of work related damages to your property and when a worker gets injured on your job. A $500,000 minimum policy is typically a good start.

What Electrical work require a licensed Electrician?

Electrical work that taps into your circuit breakers, involves wiring for appliances, wiring behind walls, and wiring for outdoor structures etc.. require a licensed Electrician due to the complexities involved in these task.

What Electrical Work do i need a Permit for?

Permits are required for any electrical work that changes the functionality of your home's electrical system, such as re-wiring, new installations / wirings, or replacement of you home's electrical system. This extends to installation of circuit breaker panel, wiring a new circuit, wiring for new appliances, wiring for hvac units etc..

Because every city, county, and municipality is different, you should make sure that you check with your local municipality before beginning any electrical work to verify when a permit is needed, a licensed Electrician will typically understand when a permit is required and will pull the permit for you. The cost of a building permit will generally be included in the Electrician's cost.

How much does an Electrician Charge?

The price of any electrical work depends on the depth and severity of the work. For example, replacing electrical outlet boxes or rewiring an existing appliance is typically affordable and simple. If wiring must be run through your house or you need all new wiring, this is a much larger project and will cost much more. The larger your electrcal work is, the longer it will take to complete and as a result, the costlier it will be. This is because Electricians generally charge on an hourly basis a cost of around $45-$100/hr, along with a one time service call fee of around $70-$100. Always look for nearby Electricans offering free estimate, to get an idea of how much you electrical work will cost.

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