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Furnace Repair High Cost

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Furnace Repair High Cost
Last updated May, 26, 2018

Reasons why your Furnace Repairs cost so much

The reason Hvac Services cost so much is that, there are generally steps that needs to be taken to isolate a particular issue, since most hvac contractors charge an hourly rate, the longer it takes to figure a problem out, the more expensive the cost to the homeowner will be. A Hvac Contractor must Analyze a system correctly to try and narrow down a problem with the system. Some Hvac problems can be simple enough that the issue can be quickly detected by the Contractor, but some Hvac issues can take time to detect. A good Hvac contractor must not rush a service because it can lead to inaccurate analysis which could then lead to not properly resolving the issue or worse damaging the system, thereby leading to more costly repairs for the homeowner and a bad reputation for the Hvac Company.

Since most Hvac Contractors charge by the hour, make sure you ask the contractor you plan to hire, if they have experience with the type of Hvac system whether it's a furnace or ac unit, needing service. Familiarity with the Hvac System that has the issue and how it operates, will help the Contractor quickly identify what is it that the system is supposed to be doing, that it's not doing, which would then help the contractor focus on the part of the system that's not functioning as expected to try and narrow down the problem.

Below is a list of Common Gas Furnace problems that a home owner might be faced with

Common Gas Furnace Issues

  • The furnace is on but there is no heat.
  • There is heat but the heat is not warm enough
  • My heating bill is too high
  • I smell a bad odor coming from the furnace
  • My Furnace is very noisy
  • My Furnace is blowing too much heat

Most of these issues can be related to problems with the components listed below :

  • Burner
  • Blower Motor
  • Thermostat
  • Dirty Filter
  • Poor Insulation
  • Leaks or Stagnant water

Here are some things you can do to improve the efficiency of your gas furnace which would help you save on your energy bill, extends the life of your furnace, ensure good indoor air quality and ensure that the furnace is operating safely

  • 1) Replace the Air filter at least once a month or according to your system manufacturer's recommendation. A technique you could employ to check if your air filter needs to be replaced, is to hold the filter under a light and if much of the light penetrates through the filter, then it is still good enough, but if the filter block most of the light, then it's time to have it replaced.
  • 2) Have your furnace inspected once a year prior to the start of the winter. This will ensure that parts that need lubricating, tightening, alignment, cleaning or replacement, get inspected and serviced if needed. The inspection should include checking and performing maintenance if needed, on the Blower Motor, Pilot light and Burner. The Hvac Contractor should also inspect belts and other moving parts of the furnace.
  • 3) Adjust Damper in ducts to balance the air flow to difference areas within your home. Some ducts that are used for both heating and cooling have a setting for the cooling season that's different from the heating season. To account for seasonality in settings, the damper needs to be adjusted. Ensure that your ducts are insulated and that your duct connections are sealed with an aluminum tape to avoid heat leakage.

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