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Last updated Jan, 24, 2018

Considers these tips before Purchasing a new Furnace

When purchasing a new home furnace, don't just focus on the furnace cost and furnace brand. Pay close attention to the furnace efficiency rating, which is a percentage that signifies the amount of gas a Furnace uses to heat your home, so for example, a furnace with a 95% furnace efficiency rating indicates that 95% of the gas it takes in is used to heat your home and the other 5% is released outside your home through your Chimney. It important to also consider the type of central heating system setup you have in your home, for example, gas furnaces require a gas supply line to be put in place to supply gas to the furnace, If your home does not already have this installed, you would need to install a gas supply before you can use a gas furnace, where as an electric furnace would not require installation of a gas supply because they pass current through heating coils and generate heat without combustion. Electric furnaces might be more costly on your monthly heating bill than a gas furnace. Although Furnaces with high efficiency ratings cost more to purchase, and in some cases might have a higher furnace repair cost, you should put into consideration the saving in your monthly utility bill due to the high efficiency. Your furnace might not be the only consideration when it cost to your heating cost consideration. Your central heating system ducts that carry heat to different places within your home needs to be considered too, because you could possibly be loosing air through leaks in your ducts thus incurring a highly heating bill. Ducts connections should be sealed to prevent leaks. Insulating ducts can also help you prevent energy lost and save you money in your heating bill.

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