How Perfecthomepros works for Electricians, Plumbers and Hvac Pros

Step 1


We ask you some information about your business, such as service area, hours, service categories etc.., and create a free profile for you. When a Homeowner, searches for a Service Professional in your area and in your service category, your profile and contact details will be displayed to the Homeowner

Step 2

Get Hired

A Homeowner after viewing your profile and service information, can choose to contact you directly with the contact information you provided, book you for a service appointment through the site, or request a quote from you.

Below is a description of how our booking and quoting system works:

  • Service Quote Request

    When a Homeowner looking for a Service Professional, for their Electrical, Plumbing or Heating and Cooling needs sees your profile on our site and sends you a request for a job quote, we will email you a notification of this request for quote along with a description of the job.

    After reading the job description, you can decide if the job is suitable for you, and if you are interested, you can contact the Homeowner to discusss the job

  • Service Booking

    A Homeowner searching for a local Electrician, Plumbing company or Heating and Cooling Company can book you for a service appointment directly from our site using our service booking tool. We will send you an email notification of all Service Bookings that you are scheduled for. You can contact the homeowner to discuss the Service Booking

  • Phone Calls

    With your profile and service information listed on our site, local homeowners, visiting our site can obtain your contact information from your profile and call you directly to request a service quote or book a service appointment with you over the phone

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