How Perfecthomepros works for homeowners

Finding a Service Professionals is made easier and quicker by Perfecthomepros. You are in total control of which Service Professional you hire. You can see a detail profile and service information of the Service Professional including verified reviews and ratings

  • You enter a search for the job category you a looking to hire a Service Professional for, and the city for the service. We show you Service Professionals in your area that will best meet your job requirement needs.
  • We also show you ratings, reviews and a detail profile and service information of each Service Professional, including service discounts that the Service Professional might be offering.
  • Once you identify the right Pros for your job, You can then perform these actions :

Book a Service Professional

You can setup an appointment with a Service Professional for an in person estimate or for work to be performed.You enter a description of the service you need performed along with the date and time you need the service performed using one of our custom templates. We then send that information to the Service Professional. We will notify you of the Service Professional's response as soon as the Service Professional respond to your appointment request.

As part of the scheduling, you can also ask questions such as licensed, insurance, work history information etc.. that the Service Professional should be prepared to answer.

Get Quote

You can request a quote for your project from up to 3 Service Professionals at once with our quote request tool. We ask you a few questions about your project and send your request to your chosen Service Professionals. We send an email notification to the service professionals with your request. The Service professionals will then contact you about your request

As part of the quote request, you can also ask questions such as licensed, insurance, work history information etc.. that every Service Professional that the quote request is sent to, must be prepared to answer.

Call Pro

We realize the importance of asking the right questions to a Service Professional to ensure that you are connected with the right Service Professional. For this reason, we allow you to call a Service Professional directly from our application with our click to call feature, and we provide you with a list of questions based on your search service category, in addition to any questions you might have, that you should asked a Service Professional. If you prefer, you can also obtain a Service Professional's contact information from their profile and call them directly outside the our application.

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