Questions to ask your local Electrician

Questions to ask your local electrician
Last updated Jan 24, 2018

Before Hiring a local Electrician, ask these questions

Ask the Electrician if they are licensed in your state and if required in your county and city?

  • Hiring an unlicensed Electrician can leave you vulnerable if something goes wrong. Most States and some counties and cities required Electricians to be licensed. Verify the Electrician is licensed and ask what type of licensure. Typical licensure are Master Electrician and Journeyman Electrician. The type of licensed determine what service can be offered by the Electrician. Master Electricians offer a broader range of Electrical Services. Ask if they will be able to show you a copy of the license. Make sure you verify the Electrician's license by checking your State's licensing department, using either the Electrician's license number or company name.

    2) Ask the Electrician if they will be working on your job themselves and if not is the individual(s) that would be working on the job also licensed and what type of license does the individual(s) have?

    • It is important that any Electrician working on your job is properly licensed..

    3) Ask the Electrician if they provide written warranties and how long the warranty is for?

    • It is important that the warranty is provided in writing and not verbally and it details out what the warranty covers, and what the duration of the warranty is.

    4) If my work requires a permit, ask who will obtain the permit?

    • A permit ensures that the work that is done meets your city's building code requirements. A city inspector will come and inspect the work to ensure that it is up to code. Electricians will generally obtain the permit if your work requires a permit. Note that there are other potential consequences (safety, home value etc..) if you allow an Electrician to perform your job without a permit, if the job requires a permit.

    5) Ask the Electrician if they are insured, and what type of insurance they carry?

    • Electricians typically carry Liability and Workers compensation insurance. These insurance protects you in Case of work related damages to your property and when a worker gets injured on your job. A $500,000 minimum policy is typically a good start.

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