Wood Flooring Repair Cost

Wood Flooring Repair Cost
Last updated Mar 11, 2021

Estimated Wood Floor Repair Cost


Wood Floor Repair Cost between $650-$1300. The actual cost would be affected by the extend and severity of the damage, minor to moderate repairs could cost between $150-$650. Wood floor repairs might be needed due to wear and tear such as scraches, stains, discloration etc. Wood Flooring can also be damage by water, and this can be a result of moisture or water spilling onto the wood floor, which can cause the wood floor to expand and become cracked or seperated. It is advisable to not put wood flooring in locations within the home that attract moisture like basements, bathrooms etc, and to use tile flooring in these locations instead, which is more resistant to water. If you do have water on your wood floor, it is important to remove it immediately and ensure that the location that the water spilled on is completely dry, before it causes more damage.On average homeowners reported to have paid $850 for hardwood floor repairs.

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