Wood Flooring Refinishing Cost

Wood Flooring Refinishing Cost
Last updated Mar 11, 2021

Estimated Wood Floor Refinishing Cost


Wood Floor Refinishing Cost between $1.5-$6 per square foot. Refinising a 500 square foot floor area would cost between $750-$3000. This cost will be impacted by the condition and size of the floor, along with your location. The refinishing process involves sanding the floor to the bare wood first, and applying stain or coat. If your floor is in good condition, it might only need recoating, instead of refinishing, which is less expensive because it requires less prep work, like Sanding etc. Recoating simply involves adding a layer of coat to the existing floor. On the other hand, If your floor has extensive damage, a replacement might be needed which might be cheaper than refinishing in some cases, due to the fact that every repair that needs to be done to the floor in a refinishing job, adds to the cost of finishing the floor. Refinishing your wood flooring would improve the health of your floor and extends it's lifespan.On average, homeowners reported to have paid around $1600 to have thier wood flooring refinished.

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