Wood Flooring Installation Cost

Wood Flooring Installation Cost
Last updated Mar 11, 2021

Wood Flooring Installation Cost


Wood floor installation cost between $2500-$7000. The eventual cost depends on the grade and type of wood floor that you want to install. The cost will also be impacted by whether it's traditional wood floor or Engineered wood floor that you want to install. The difference between the two is that Engineered wood is constructed with layers of hardwood and Plywood where as traditional/solid wood is wood without the layering. Two cost factor that needs to be considered is the cost of labor and the cost of the wood floor per square foot. The actual material cost ranges between $2-10 per square foot. Walnut cost between $4-$10, Red oak cost between $3.50-$7.50, maple cost between $4-$7, pine cost between $2-$5, Bamboo cost between $2-$4, Hickory cost between $3-$8 and white ash cost between $4-$7 per square foot. If properly maintained, wood floors can last for up to 30-40 years. On average, homeowners reported to have paid $4500 or between $7-$12 per square foot for low grade wood floor installation, $10-$19 per square foot for medium grade wood floor installation and $13-$25 for high grade wood floor installation, at their residence.

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