Drain Cleaning Cost

Drain Cleaning Cost
Last updated Mar 11, 2021

Estimated Drain Cleaning Cost


Draining cleaning cost between $100-$400. The cost would be higher if the blockage that need to be cleared, is too far down the drain pipe. The price also varies depending on how bad the drain clog is and whether the clog is with a toilet, kitchen sink, garbage disposal or bathtub, all of which cost around $100-$250.These are much simpler to clear and can generally be fixed by using a Plunger. In these cases the clog is not too far in the pipe. They can be caused by hairs, toys, soap or grease etc and can generally be remediated without the need for a local plumber, on the other hand, If you notice you have multiple blockages, you might have a clogged main sewer line, which cost condirabley more to unclog and might require contacting a local plumber to snake(clear blockage deep in the drain line) the drain to have it cleared. A clog in a main sewer line would cost between $150-$850. On avarage Homeowners reported to have paid around $225 for drain clearing services.There are some measures you could take to ensure that you avoid getting a clogged Drain

1) Avoid build up of hairs, soap or grease, or dropping toys in tubs and sinks
2) Run hot water through the drain to prevent grease buildup
3) Throw a little venigar into the drain for 30 mins and rinse it with hot water. The acid in the venegar will prevent objects building up in the pipe

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