Carpet Cleaning Cost

Air Duct Cleaning Cost
Last updated Mar 11, 2021

Estimated Carpet Cleaning Cost


Carpet Cleaning cost between $25-$85 per room or 20-50 cents per square foot. The cost will also be impacted by factors such as the type of carpet cleaning, whether it's Bonnet, Hot water Extraction, Steam, Dry carpet cleaning, or Shampoo etc, and addons like cleaning chairs, couches,fixing carpet discoloration, cleaning stains, moving furnitures or fixing water damages. Carpet Cleaning for a 1500-2000 square foot home can cost anywhere between $135-$300, where as homes 2000-4000 square foot cost between $250-$650. Homeowners on average reported to have paid about $45 per room or $200 to have carpet cleaning performed at their home.

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