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Last updated Mar 11, 2021

Estimated Ac Repair Cost


The average air conditioner repair cost is $163 to $500 (standard repairs). However, the cost can go as high as $1,100 for high-end repairs. But again, some types of repairs can cost more than the national average. For instance, the cost to repair an AC air compressor is $1,300 to $1,800, while the cost to repair the fan evaporator coil can be as high as $1200. Keep in mind that air conditioner repair cost varies from one company to another.

AC Leak Repair Cost

For a leak, the air conditioner repair cost is $200 to $1,100. The actual repair cost will depend on the leak test method, severity, and repair parts needed.

If the refrigerant level of our AC is too low, the unit may not cool off. But again, a recharge requires specialized equipment. If the O-ring is leaking, you should budget $10 for the service.

AC Compressor Repair Cost

The compressor is at the heart of the AC unit. If you notice your unit is noisy, vibrating, and blowing warm air, the compressor is to blame. Another red flag of a faulty compressor is the fluid leak. This part should be handled properly and require specialized service.

In the US, HAVC contractors charge an average of $150 per hour for repairs. The actual cost will depend on the location. If the damage is too much, you may want to install a new compressor for a long-term fix.

The cost of a new AC compressor averages $150 to $200, while the labor cost can go as high as $300. This price can skyrocket if the unit is out of warranty. If the compressor needs replacement, you should be ready to pay up to $2,300.

The actual cost of repair will depend on type, size, and brand. This is the most expensive cost for an AC.

Portable AC Repair Cost

A portable unit can be mounted on a wall or a room. For most repairs, the technicians can change the filter, clean water, or check any part that needs repair.

The average cost of a portable air conditioner repair is $50 to $75. Most problems are associated with a clogged filter and compressor overheating. Also, when the compressor reaches the end of its life, it must be repaired by a professional. Such stations take longer to access because they are enclosed.

Most technicians will recommend a replacement other than repair. Before you decide whether the unit can be sent out for repair, you should reach out to the manufacturer.

Window AC Repair Cost

The average air conditioner repair cost is $232 (includes $20 to $150 for parts). For instance, the fan motor costs $100 - $150, compressor $50 - $125, thermostat $30 - $90, and capacitor $10 - $30.

The labor cost of window AC repair is $30 per hour. Even for jobs that take a few minutes, you're expected to pay an hourly service. The common window AC problems are no cool air, short cycling, circuit tripping, water leaks, etc.

Most technicians will recommend a replacement other than repair. Before you decide whether the unit can be sent out for repair, you should reach out to the manufacturer.

Cost to fix/add a low Refrigerant

One problem with air conditioners when they reach a certain age is refrigerant leakage. If this happens, the unit will experience lower pressure. A qualified professional should recharge the leakage to the recommended levels.

The average cost of adding low refrigerant is $200 to $400. For larger units like Freon, you expect to pay up to $600. The labor cost averages $20 to $30 - it depends on the time technicians take for repairs. Thankfully, most units won't need the service unless there's a leak.

Newer AC units use R-410 refrigerant, while older models need R-22 refrigerant. If your AC uses the latter, you could pay $40 to $150 per pound. This can add up to $1,500 to your AC repair costs.

If your unit needs a frequent refrigerant recharge, that's a sign of an underlying problem. You don't need to recharge the unit if it's working at optimal levels.

Bad Capacitor Replacement Cost

The capacitor jump-starts the unit in every new cycle of cool air. Your AC unit will store electrons and do a magic trick every time they startup. If the AC has a damaged capacitor, it will shut down automatically.

On average, the average cost for replacement is $170. A professional fix is $60 to $200. With proper maintenance, the AC capacitor will last for over 15 years. Replacing a capacitor can cost as high as $400.

Bad Control Board Repair/ Replacement Cost

The circuit board controls various components. Generally, you should expect to pay $40 to $400 based on the type, brand, and model of the unit. The replacement cost, on the hand, costs $150 to $700 - this will depend on whether the AC is under warranty.

Condensing Components Repairs

The main condensing components for your AC unit are the fan and pump. Most components require a lot of labor to repair.

For example, the condenser motor powers the blades that blow air into the condenser. Without it, the AC won't cool your home. The air conditioner repair cost is $200 - $400. Once you hire a technician, he will get the unit close to the manufacturer's settings.

Evaporator Coil Repair

The refrigerant of your AC runs through the coil in the form of liquid or gas. This means that the evaporator coil is the prime suspect of corrosion. The cost of repair is $700 to $1,000. You must repair the coils on time. If you find a leak, a professional will help you decide whether to repair or replace the coil.

AC Blower Motor Repair

The blower motor is designed to push cool air through the ductwork and then distribute it in your home. If the component is faulty, the unit won't cool your space. One way to identify if the blower has a problem is increased temperatures in the house. If the system doesn't go through the right cycling, that's a red flag of a faulty AC blower.

If not under warranty, the repair cost can go as high as $900. If your AC is under warranty, the cost can average $200. The cost goes even higher if the blower needs a replacement.

AC Thermostat Repair

A faulty thermostat can cause short cycles in your AC system. It can fail over time due to poor maintenance or dirt buildup. Before any repairs, a professional should examine the thermostat and make the right recommendations. On average, the cost of AC thermostat repair is $150 to $500.

AC Expansion Valve Repair

The expansion valve changes the refrigerant to vapor. If it doesn't push into vapor, that is a sign of a bad expansion valve. The air in the valves may feel hot, and the vents can be affected. The AC service cost for the expansion valve is $250 to $380.

Air Handler Repair

The air handler circulates cool air depending on your needs. To install a new one, you should budget $700 to $5,000. The actual cost will depend on type, size, and labor.

Air Filter Clogging

An AC unit generates water vapor that gets into contact with the outside temperature. Therefore, a unit should have a system to help drain the water. Part of it is the air filter. If it gets clogged, the air conditioner overworks, and that could burn out. Besides, clogged air filters can compromise the quality of air in the room.

That said, you should be ready to spend $70 to $120 for the repair service. Sometimes, the inner coil could get soiled, leading to the unit freezing up. In such cases, only a tech-savvy professional should handle the problem. The repair cost can go higher if you must replace the air filters. If you ignore this problem, your utility bills can skyrocket in the summer.

Clogged AC Drain Repair

The air filters for the AC can get clogged, making the system overwork or burn out. Clogged ACs can reduce the airflow of the room - this can lead to an increase in utility bills in summer.

The cost to fix a clogged air conditioner drain averages $100 to $200.

Emergency AC Repair Cost

If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, you don't want a faulty unit during those sweltering summer months. The average cost for emergency repairs is $300. You're likely to pay more during the weekend and holidays. Emergency services tend to be more expensive but are worth it because they prevent unnecessary interruptions.

AC Service Cost by Type

Central AC Repair Cost

This AC is located at a central location. It distributes the air via duct or fans. A technician will look for various parts of the system like the belts, bearings, and motor. The motor may also require some cleaning, and the refrigerant levels can be adjusted. And just like other ACs, the unit may need some tuning once a year.

The average cost of repair for central ACs is $100 to $350.

Window AC Repair Cost

Window AC units are smaller than central AC. You should expect to pay $120 for repairs.

Geothermal AC Repair Cost

Geothermal AC units are designed to work with subterranean temperatures to keep your space (basement and yards) cool in the summer months. The average air conditioner repair cost is $200 to $700. If they develop a leak, this should be handled promptly to prevent the refrigerant from spreading on the ground.

Ductless mini AC repair Cost

Repairing a mini ductless AC repair tends to be higher than repairing other types of air conditioners. Since they don't use ductwork to cool the room, most work is on the circuit board. That can be expensive to repair. To be on the safe side, you should consider units with an extended warranty. The cost of repairs for a ductless mini AC is $700 to $900.

Besides the type, the other factors that determine the actual cost of repair are:

  • Size
  • Accessibility
  • Warranty Details
  • When repairs should be done
  • Refrigerant needs

AC Repair Labor Cost

AC technicians charge up to $200 during regular business hours. The cost of labor averages $150 to $260 per hour for a home-service call. However, most technicians who come to your place will factor in the transport cost to the labor cost.

Costs to Repair vs. Replace your AC

As a homeowner, you're faced with a big decision whether to repair or replace your AC unit. Your AC needs repair if:

  • There's weak or limited airflow
  • The system cycles on and off frequently
  • The unit doesn't cool the home
  • There's poor energy efficiency
  • You hear knocking, gurgling, or kicking noises

The cost of repair is less than replacing the unit. Some ACs offer a 10-year warranty for parts, but it doesn't cover labor. However, the cost of major repairs for some units can exceed the cost of a new AC. Generally speaking, the repairs average $100 to $2,500.

A general rule of thumb is to replace a unit that has worked for 10 to 15 years. Other reasons to consider a replacement rather than repair are:

  • If the repair cost is half the cost of buying a new unit
  • If the unit uses R-22 Freon
  • The cost of repair multiplied by the age of the unit exceeds $5,000
  • If the AC needs frequent repairs

Depending on the size of the unit, the cost of buying a new unit is high. You should expect to pay $2,500 to $12,000 for a new unit.

AC Service Cost

For simple tune-ups, the service cost is $75 to $200. For an extended service, you should budget $200 to $450 for the unit. A standard AC tune-up doesn't include coil and duct cleaning.

The actual cost of the AC service depends on a few factors like air conditioner age and the climate in your area.

Professional vs. DIY AC repairs

While homeowners can handle minor repairs like unclogging, you should contact a pro for electrical work. Since a refrigerant is a toxic material, it requires a license to handle. But before you hire a professional, you may want to do some due diligence. Always make sure the technicians are certified by professional organizations, insured, and bonded.

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